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Our Hidden Influencer Page...

If you found our hidden influencer page, we loved your TikTok account, messaged you, and think you're a perfect fit for our current campaign OR you saw our TikTok video and followed the Link in Bio OR you found us through Clubhouse or another influencer/social platform! 

We’re offering $35 gift certificate for ETSY, a free t-shirt quilt ($75 value) from one of our favorite partners Project Repat, or $25 cash in exchange for posting one TikTok and/or IG Reel mentioning our show— Adulting with Jane! 

What is Adulting with Jane?


"Adulting with Jane is a short shoppable how-to comedy series with a different expert-influencer in each episode to teach Jane a new adulting skill. When you see a product you love in the show, you can click on it, buy it on the spot, and return to the episode!"

You can watch the show HERE!



What Do I Have to Do to Get the Gift Card?

Email us at to tell us you want to participate, what your video idea is, and tell us your handle(s).

Once you get the go ahead from us in response, make your video!


Be sure to put in your bio link or link tree, mention the show and website somewhere in the video, upload the video on TikTok for your followers, and include @adultingjane, #adulting, and #ad & mention "link in bio" in your description somewhere.*


*The Adulting with Jane link and video must be live for at least two weeks after your video goes live for the first time to receive the gift card.

Do I Need to Make a Video Literally About the Show?

Not at all! How-to & Life Hack videos, DIY project videos and tours, and funny and relatable commentary about "Adulting" issues do really well!

Need some inspiration? Watch the show at (or click HOME above) and/or check out our TikTok account (@adultingjane) to see what we're all about.

Will You Boost My Video?


Maybe! The Adulting with Jane team will boost our favorite videos on the platform and, when we do, we'll tag you— hopefully getting you some more views and followers.


Let us know in the email if you’re a rockstar on another social media network for a potential bonus offer!

How Long Do I Have to Get This Done?

Within a week of your approval is ideal. If you need more time, let us know... we'll do our best to make it work. We're planning on approving creators through up until our project budget is used up.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Giftcard?

After 2 weeks with the video live on your TikTok, we'll send you the prize of your choice in email or by snail mail. 


If you're interested in this campaign, and/or if you want to be on our mailing list for more influencer opportunities with Adulting with Jane as we grow or have other questions, email us at 

We can't wait to see your content!

~The Adulting with Jane Team

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