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4 New Game Ideas for Zoom/Online Parties

Still home all day everyday with no end in sight (thank you Delta)? You may be successfully avoiding that Groundhog Day feeling by cracking 500 side jokes a day with our colleagues during Zoom meetings, taking an obscene number of walks, consuming inordinate amounts of Netflix, or mindlessly playing phone games or scrolling social media all day long...

But the impact of not being able to meet friends and colleagues face to face and just socialize remains a huge issue. Although many of us have huge Zoom fatigue, it’s still there for us as the cold weather approaches, and it’s still better than hibernating from friends for yet another long COVID winter. There are over 300 million daily meetings taking place on the platform, and there are many ways to make these meetings with friends or colleagues fun. Hopefully, you’ll find a few new ideas here to pass the time and stay in touch with friends.

Zoom Bingo

Think Bingo is for the younger and older crowd? Not anymore! Bingo has been thrust firmly into the digital age via Zoom, where up to 30 players can get involved online for free. Choose to play the familiar 90-ball bingo or maybe create your own digital bingo cards to suit your own theme. Harry Potter word bingo anyone? One player of course will have to become the bingo caller B4 you can all play…

Online/Zoom Poker

There have been tons of people learning how to play poker with friends over the past year, with platforms like PokerStars offering a Home Games service that allows friends to play using virtual money. It’s not a new online pastime however, as poker has had an avid online user base for some time. But now more people are getting into the game with their friends.

For those who don’t want to sign up for an online poker site, there’s also a platform built into Zoom to get your friends to the table and it is easy to access. The host of the meeting simply has to have Live Game Poker Night installed on their Zoom app, and a few clicks later all the players in the meeting are instantly transferred to the table. No mess, fuss, loose chips, or dropped cards, just a platform set for the perfect evening of fun and games in the comfort of your own home.

Online Boardgames

There are many online tabletop simulators available- and a lot of them are free! For the ones that aren’t free, only one person needs to subscribe for the whole group to play the games. From classics that you’ll instantly recognize to intense role-playing thrillers, there is something for everyone.

Online Games

If you can’t make your mind up on what to play online, there are always options like the Jackbox Party Pack. It’s a collection of various, hilarious games that can be accessed on almost any device. Only one person in your group has to own the game to host it, everyone else is sent an access code which they input on via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s easy to see why these packages are so popular, with the ease of access across platforms, ease of setup and the absolute hilarity involved.

In a time when socializing through technology has become more important than ever before, the sometimes annoying, but clear ace-in-the-hole is still Zoom. We hope our run down gives you some new ideas for you and your friends to stay connected while having fun.

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