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Welp. That happened.

2020 is over, believe it or not. And if you've been waiting patiently inside like the rest of us wondering if this virus will ever end, it may be hard to feel excited about the new year ahead. Dreaming about new goals to accomplish can feel exhausting and unachievable. But as every good meditation video says, try to let it wash over you.

That being said, at a time when life feels stagnant and isolating for most, we need those new year's resolutions now more than ever to give us a sense of purpose and something to work toward. So, suck it up and make them- even if you haven't wanted to yet! Or, if you've already made them, time to make a game plan to see them through, even after your initial motivation wears off in a couple of weeks.

Neuroscience research suggests that if you elevate a plan into your working memory repeatedly, it's likely to emerge in your dreams and help your brain 'simulate' the experience fully so that your brain makes concrete plans on how to execute it.

So, to make resolutions you can easily follow through with (because let’s face it, we should all take it easy on ourselves this year), let’s start off with quick, realistic goals. Here are a couple of easy steps:

1. List your resolutions, and keep them visible.

Do you have extra room on the back of the fridge, or a cozy space behind your door? Perfect! Write them out in colorful markers and post them there. Keeping a visible reminder of your resolutions will help to keep them in your working memory and will be a daily reminder to keep pushing to get them done. We love this particular planner for a lot of different reasons Rocketbook Panda.

2. Make your resolution with someone else.

The next time you catch up with friends, brainstorm your resolutions together. Research has shown that one makes more realistic and successful plans when with others. If you create resolutions with friends or family, you are likely to pick resolutions that are actually achievable, and will have some additional healthy social pressure to assist you in the meantime.

3. Rank your resolutions.

Make your list, and then rank which resolutions are most important to you. If you have fifteen resolutions, you may want to cut down to an achievable five, and in doing so, think about why each rolutions is important to you. Maybe some are specifically a winter 2021 goal? Maybe some are best saved until 2022, when the world is collectively more safe? Either way, making a prioritized list will help you be more strategic in planning out each one of your resolutions.

4. Use a realistic accountability mechanism.

You know yourself best, so evaluate your behavior patterns and choose the best strategy to maintain your resolutions for this year. Be honest with yourself. One idea is social pressure, be it quarterly check ins with friends on your goals, or posting on your progress on your social pages. You can also reward yourself with positive incentives such as ordering from your favorite restaurant, or splurging on that new phone upgrade or taking away some daily enjoyments if you have strayed from your goal, to keep you on track. Tying in positive and negative rewards is a great incentive to keep going.

Whatever your goals are this year, I wish you the best of luck accomplishing them! With these steps, I have no doubt that you'll make some exciting new changes to your life this year.

Thanks for following along with us this past year, and cheers to new beginnings in 2021!

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  • Maryam Chishti

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

If you haven't had to already, it's definitely time to formally switch out your closet from summer to winter clothes. While this is always bittersweet, it's good to have an organized, helpful system to switch out your seasonal clothing so you feel excited for all the warm and cozy you get to wear for the next few months.

Before you get too carried away here, know that the #1 important thing to do above all else is make sure that you have clean clothes going in to a clean closet and clean clothes going into clean storage bags and bins. If you're a fan of The Home Edit or Marie Kondo or our favorite organizational expert, Cindyology, you already know just how satisfying it feels when it's all done!

The Steps:

1. Start with easy wins.

Avoid getting overwhelmed setting aside the summer clothes you won’t be wearing for a while first (goodbye bikinis, sun dresses, and sandals!), and any light weight threaded material that won’t help keep the chill away.

2. “Do I Still Need This?”

Every time you pull out your clothes, take time to evaluate if they fit comfortably, and if you can see yourself wearing them next year (remember those old sweatshirts from middle school you never wear?! You probably don’t need them anymore (unless you want to make them into a Project Repat keepsake quilt- sign up for a 25% discount code and a chance to win a FREE quilt). There are tons of thrift stores that would love your older outfits, or you can give back by finding your local goodwill here. The more space you free up in your closet for your winter and future clothes, the calmer you’ll feel.

3. Package properly

Pack any clothing, shoes, and accessories you plan to store with special attention to the details. Pack your items in plastic or fabric boxes instead of cardboard, with the heaviest items at the bottom, and lightest on the top. Wrap your delicate shoes and accessories to avoid crushing, and add silica gel packets to avoid mold. On top of that, make sure everything is labeled clearly top make your life easier next summer, and don’t forget to take a pictures of your boxes if you need to remind yourself exactly where everything is!

4. Clean the closet and drawers!

Make sure to fully sweep and vacuum your closet and wipe down drawers and storage containers to get rid of any potential insects, dust, & food crumbs that can shorten the life of your clothes and prevent hard to see/invisible stains on the clothes from oxidizing and become permanent.

5. Don't pack/store everything. If you do, make sure your things are accessible.

Remember that in the winter, it’s important to layer! Save a few shirts, tank tops and other transitional pieces as layering clothes and so you can create seasonally appropriate outfits no matter what the weather (leggings with a dress - not a bad look!) and have some lighter things to wear around the house. You also might want to leave out some late spring items so you don't need to rush to unpack for summer. Or, if you have enough space, just shuffle the summer items to the back of the closet or the bottom of the drawers. It might be worth doing a deep clean anyway.

6. Unpack your winter clothes, hang the ones that belong in the closet, restock your drawers, and enjoy the season of fuzzy sweaters!

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  • Maryam Chishti

Welp, it’s official. The coronavirus pandemic has officially taken over this entire year, and with cases on the rise, it looks like the holidays will be no exception. This only reinforces the need to gather with your loved ones this holiday, to bring light into the final days of 2020, no matter how dark things seem. Here are some ideas to brighten your spirits this year.

1. Turn Your Garage Into the Perfect Outdoor Party! Think outside the box this year, and re-create your garage into the perfect holiday hangout. Open up the garage door to bring in that air flow, and cover the outside with holiday lights and other decorations. Inside, put more decorations, a Christmas tree, menorah, or other decoration in the middle with ample room for your attendees presents. Set up a hot chocolate (or a yummy holiday themed cocktail or other non-alcoholic fun drink) and pre-wrapped snacks station, pull out all your blankets in case people get cold or just want to feel cozy, and if you have room, set up a projector to play your favorite holiday movies to play in the background. A table or a station for each “household,” can be setup in a different part of the garage.

2. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt: If you’re looking to create some adventure this holiday, team up with friends to organize a scavenger hunt for the kids in your neighborhood (or something more adult for you and your friends- just don't get arrested ;)). In a drive by, collect clues from each house that leads to a final prize. This can be a great way for each house to get creative with holiday decorations for the drive by, and clever clues/winning treats to make your neighborhood feel more festive and unified this holiday season.

Many people have already started this early this year-- organize a 3. Virtual Secret Santa/White Elephant: Bring the classic Secret Santa to your virtual party, by using an online gift exchange platform like Elfster or buying a homemade gift from Etsy , so everyone can still partake in this timeliness activity. Or, if you're in person, carefully do a white elephant!

Arguably most important of all, 4. Take a Moment of Gratitude. With so much hardship this year, take a moment to reflect during the holidays on five things you are grateful for this year. Consistent gratitude practice leads to better relationship building, physical and mental health-which is something we could all use more of this year! If you celebrate Christmas and have kids, have them write to Santa with what they are grateful for, not what they want. For you, take some time to journal or share with friends uplighting moments from the year, and be conscious of how you frame events this holiday. Instead of reflecting on how sad it is that the sun goes down so early, think about how grateful you are that you get to see the Christmas lights at night.

Happy Holidays, and ho matter what you choose to do this holiday season, in the words of the incomparable Irving Berlin, “may your ev’ry wish come true.”

And don't forget to watch our first-of-its-kind shoppable sitcom, Adulting with Jane!

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, Adulting with Jane receives a small commission (at no extra cost to you) that goes toward our production costs.