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Adulting on a Snow Day? Don't! 5 Ways to Make Your Snow Day Awesome.

Snow days as a kid, at least for me, usually included lots of sledding, snow angels, hot chocolate, and Disney movie marathons. But as an adult, snow days may feel different. But they shouldn’t! Here are some ideas to help you create fun and cozy snow days, no matter your age.

Spice up your hot chocolate. To add extra warmth to your belly, think about making an alcoholic hot chocolate for your next snow day. You don’t even need a packaged mix, just add cinnamon, sugar, salt, chocolate, and 2 ounces of bourbon, and you get a perfect adult winter drink. Or add a dash of Cayenne pepper for an extra kick. And don’t forget the marshmallows!

Transform your bathroom into a home spa. Baths can be a great way to thaw after a walk in the snow, catch up on your favorite entertainment, and let off tension from the week. Light some vanilla scented candles, fill a hot water bath with bubbles, and relax. Lean back and catch up on your favorite podcast, play some calm music, or pull up your favorite show on your laptop.

Do a meditation/yoga course. To have your mind match the calm outside, carve out some time for meditation or, if you hate that word, relaxation. Free apps like Headspace and Calm are perfect for this. If you’re craving more of a workout, yoga is a great way to have some calm but effective exercise. You can even ZOOM in a friend, and screen share a yoga lesson together.

Update your LinkedIn if you absolutely HAVE to adult on a snowday. Take some time to update your LinkedIn profile with your most recent work experience and personal statement, add new connections to your network, and think about messaging someone whose career you have always admired for a networking chat.

Start a photo album in quarantine. Take some time to gather photos from quarantine or focus your attention to photos pre-pandemic. Now is the perfect time to make a photo album from your time in college, abroad, or from that family trip you took two summers ago! This will give you a way to be crafty, creative, and make your memories last!

I hope these ideas gave you inspiration for some upcoming snow days. Unless you live in California which hey... jealous.

Until next time!



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