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Four Personalized Gifts Your Mom Will LOVE!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

You might not be able to hug or even visit your mom in person this Mother's Day (or maybe you are holed up together waiting for the COVID-19 storm to pass). Either way, here are a few gift ideas guaranteed to make your mom smile this year!

1. Make her a one-of-a-kind photobook with your old phone pics! When was the last time you looked at your ever growing i-Photo collection? Use it this year to make a collage of your favorite mom moments from the last few years or make a mini-book of the last vacation you took together. For User Interface and Print Quality-- Mixbook and Artifact Uprising and for price point-- Snapfish and Shutterfly. It seems like they are all running large discounts right now, so you should be able to get a great price anywhere you go. (Adulting hack: always search for a promo code before paying full price at check out!)

2. Send her a Personalized Flower Bouquet. An oldie, but always a goodie! Some great florists that deliver: For quirky, edgy arrangements, try Urbanstems, for more traditional choices, try 1-800-Flowers, or for edible "Flowers" try Cookies by Design.

3. Hand curate a Gift Basket. We love Sabon for home spa treatments (they're also running a buy a kit, give a kit special right now) or try Design it Yourself Gift Baskets where you can hand curate your own basket with tons of different options.

4. A gift is more than mom wants? A great card will do the trick! Want something traditional that doesn't involve you braving the drug store? Try Greeting Card Universe. Prefer something more unique and modern? Try LovePop Cards for a pop up card or card "bouquet."

Whatever you do, don't forget to call (or Zoom/FaceTime) the moms in your life on the 10th, and to all the mothers out there, have a wonderful and well deserved Mother's Day!

And don't forget to watch our first-of-its-kind shoppable sitcom, Adulting with Jane!

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