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Soups to Keep Your Stomach Warm and Wallet Happy

It’s cold out. You’re tired. The excitement of baking bread in the first months of quarantine has worn off. You want quick, easy meals that will warm you up, and give you comfort. This is why I am here to remind you about the amazingness that is: soup! Most people think of soup as a gourmet, complex meal to create at home, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! In today’s blog, we will look at three delicious, and simple soups on a budget even the most cooking challenged person (like myself!) can boil up in a jiffy. We hope you enjoy!

Quick and Easy Tomato Soup: In one large pot, melt butter and then stir in flour, curry

powder, and onion powder until smooth (trust me, you already gave all these things in

your cupboard!). Then add your tomato juice, and a pinch of sugar. Cook uncovered

for just 5 minutes, and you're good to go! For something extra, add in some parmesan

cheese, crackers, or my personal favorite...goldfish. Who doesn’t like to see fishies

swimming around in their soup?!

For a full meal in a soup, look no further than Pasta Fagioli Soup. With beans, onions,

tomatoes, broth, macaroni, sausage, and spinach-this soup does it all! Simply cook

the sausage in a pan with the onions, while putting the other ingredients one after

another in a stovetop bowl, and within 15 minutes, your soup will be good to go. With a

side of garlic bread, you have a full Italian meal to serve.

Six Can Chicken Tortilla Soup this is a heaty but zesty soup that only uses six canned

goods! Just open a can of corn, chicken broth, chunk chicken, black beans, diced

tomatoes, and green chilies, and put in a saucepan for fifteen minutes, until the

chicken is cooked through. Top with some tortilla chips, and cheddar cheese (add

avocados if you're feeling festive!), and you are good to go. Too easy!

We hope you enjoy these simple and satisfying soup recipes. Make sure to click on the link to each soup to get the list of all ingredients and recipe breakdowns. And, make sure to check out our latest episode of Adulting with Jane, Soup From Scratch with the incomparable Natasha of Asili Glam Cooks!

If you "shop" the within the episode, you'll find a promo code for 20% off your entire purchase through the end of February from our episode partner, Sur La Table.

And don't forget to watch our Shoppable How-to Comedy Series, Adulting with Jane!

This page may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, Adulting with Jane receives a small commission (at no extra cost to you) that goes toward our production costs.

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